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Mark Smith

Mark's passion for retrievers started when he was 7 years old. Duck hunting and competitive duck calling had always been a passion in his family. Mark believed that the ultimate fulfillment of the hunt would be to have a great dog to retrieve the ducks that they just couldn't get to. One of Mark's notable accomplishments was early in his career (early 1980s) when he was named the Louisiana State Duck Calling Champion for three straight years. He also competed in the World Championships of Duck Calling that final year, and placed 6th. Soon after that, Mark took up dog training in his spare time.


Mark trained his first dog at age 19 while working as a machinist. The only thing he could think about while working was training dogs. When business became slow, he became dispensable and decided to move out West to  California. This is where he met the Late Great Rex Carr.  Mark found Rex's knowledge to be a bit overwhelming, but the experience was second to none. Mark still feels today that Rex's spirit is behind him while training and running dogs. This is why he believes he has become a solid dog trainer.
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